Our Philosophy

Mission Statement, Vision, and Methodology

our Mission Statement

We are helping to develop the world leaders of tomorrow by practicing successfully
overcoming challenges today.


We are equipping our students to grow and excel as individuals through real
life challenges and situations, while providing mentorship and guidance.


We are giving every student the best robotics experience while developing critical
transferable skills, improving their resilience, and building their self-


Areas we cultivate in students include teamwork, collaboration, Coopertition™,
Indirect Learning, and Gracious Professionalism™.

Our Vision

To create a safe and inclusive culture/environment within our high school that
encourages students to be life-long learners and well-rounded global citizens
who contribute to society in diverse and meaningful ways.

Our Methodology

Engage high school students in Mentor-based research and robotics programs
and support their efforts to engage people of every age in STEM, including
through mentoring younger students.

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