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student resources

Skills survey

Tell Us What Your Skills So That We Can Give You Jobs On The Team.

Potential Sponsor Form

If you know someone that could be a potential sponsor for our team, please fill in the form.

tell us what you learned

Tell Us About Your Most Recent Robotics Experience!

Outreach Form

Fill in this mandatory form for outreach projects and interets

order parts

Do You Need Parts Ordered For Your Team? Log Shop And Material Needs.

Organize Events

Have You Been Asked To Organize Upcoming Events? Log Your Data Here.


OT Robotics members who wish to have a Solidworks License on their personal laptop/computer.

Volunteer to run the snack bar

Sign up to run the snack bar below.

North Bay Sign Up

Sign up if you can attend the North Bay competition.

Santa Claus Parade Contribution Form

Fill out this form if you contributed to the Santa Claus Parade

How to sign up on STIMS

find out how to sign up on STIMS to become an official member

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